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Continental testing self-service boarding system

Continental Airlines started at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston (George Bush Intercontinental Airport) boarding door test self service system.
Continental spokeswoman Christen David says the so-called self-service boarding, is actually the passengers through the gate of the two-dimensional bar code reader scan their boarding pass, and then directly check.
Continental Airlines call them self the gate, all the airline's boarding passes are available for this, including the mobile boarding pass, from the airline website or self-service paper equipment printing boarding passes and value of machine to issue boarding passes.
In fact, the electronic boarding pass itself with traditional paper boarding pass is the same.
Christen David says: "now testing self-service boarding services at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston (George Bush Intercontinental Airport) has two self-service boarding gate the gate channel and a equipped with a general boarding service channel. "
Christen David says the self check system testing began in June of this year, the main objective is to relieve the work pressure of the staff so that they can concentrate on dealing with emergencies. Of course, the self check system also meant that airline personnel can be reduced so as to reduce costs.
Christen David declined to comment on security issues in the system. However, the United States transportation security administration began testing the system's security features. Christen David says: "self boarding have been widely adopted in Asia and Europe, including the airline's Star Alliance partners Germany Lufthansa. "
Fast air network news shows: Continental Airlines has received positive feedback about the test and start thinking about when this test measures at the end of the next step to be taken.

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