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Repatriated to China going abroad the complete documents to prevent any

Xian is in many people's relatives live abroad, many people often use the holiday to get a visa to go to relatives, small also remind you, there is a lot of attention here, too, went abroad to visit relatives, and if you don't know, you probably haven't seen friends and family would be returned, and look at what. Hope that we can learn from Oh!
&Nbsp;   civil aviation resource NET, November 3, 2008: "police comrades, you helped me to ask, I went to see a friend, why Malaysia forbade me to immigration? "The evening of November 2, Malaysia refused entry by Asian Airlines (AirAsia Berhad) carriage return of eight women, who came to pick up their crying travellers at Shenzhen Airport border police said.
Recently, the station received were Malaysia, and Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries significantly increased repatriation of mainland residents. Same as above and eight passengers, on departure, the next day with the original flight repatriation of mainland residents accounted for 90% of the passenger had been repatriated.
Through border sector timely and airlines agent for communication, understand to reasons main has II: a is Malaysia, and Singapore immigration officials on 30 age following entry of women bulk guest audit more strictly, as entry who in one years within holding tourism visa from new, and horse times, or carry cash too little, is may will was original machine repatriation; II is due to currently has number more of mainland residents stranded in new, and horse illegal labor, immigration organ for protection himself national of interests, right to refused to no economic capacity, and Suspect purpose of entry of aliens, and blacklisted.
Here, the border police warn domestic residents traveling abroad, visiting relatives, before going abroad must pay attention to know and strictly comply with immigration requirements in other countries, so as not to delay the trip, resulting in unnecessary losses.
&Nbsp;   border is also very strict now, if you do not strictly comply with immigration requirements of the country, are likely to be repatriated. Think hard visas ready, fly to there, turned out to be because some small details do not care to be returned, much trouble is a waste of time and a waste of money.

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