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Fly it safe to sit in the back seat

Although flying is relatively safe now, crash probability is very low. But still occasionally occur. Crash of modern people, is a horrible word, the weather, the occurrence of accident or mechanical problem can cause a plane crash. Basically as long as the crash is hard to have a chance to live, but according to experts ' analysis, if you sit in the back seat, and birth rate is higher.
For a long time, it is widely believed that: no matter where you sit on, if disaster strikes, you can't escape. However, the real crash statistics, sit back, and more likely to survive. Passengers who sat near the plane's tail was higher than the front row of about 40%.
This exclusive study of the popular mechanics, covering since 1971 in the United States every commercial flight with survivors of a plane crash. This 20 incidents of raw data from the United States National Transportation Safety Board records. The magazine's staff according to the seating chart all the passengers survived. Then they are calculated from the average survival rate of the nose to the tail of the aircraft seat. In addition they will also cabin seats are divided into four parts, compare the survival rates. Both of these methods are clearly came to the same conclusion: the back seat is safer.
These 20 11 rear passengers survived in the crash rates are significantly higher. Only 5 survivors sat in the front row. 3 survivor's seat did not see significant differences. Another 1 up seat location could not be determined. Passenger survival was significantly higher in the back row, 11 in a plane crash, and 7 are very prominent. For example, in the 1982 United States Florida airline crash in 1975 and United States Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 crash, a handful of survivors sat in the last row. In 1978, United Airlines ran out of fuel and crashed near DC-8 in Portland. 7 passengers killed in the accident were sitting in the first 4 rows.
Strange thing is, all of the 20 air crash, there are 5 display front passengers are more likely to survive. These 5 crash occurred between 1988 to 1992, such as the 1989 United Airlines, DC-10 air crash, most of the 175 survivors sat in front of the wing.
In all only 1 in 20 accidents showed passengers sitting in the front row had obvious survival advantages. In 1989, United States airlines at La Guardia Airport runway accidents, only 2 deceased sat in a total of 25 rows of seats of the Boeing 737-400 aircraft of the 21st row.
For detailed seating chart out of the case, the popular mechanics also calculated the survival rates in different parts of the cabin. Conclusion is equally clear: located in the wing rear seat an average survival rate of 69% at the top. Wing section and two-cabin seats such as survival rates for 56%. First class/business class portion of the average survival rate is only 49%.

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