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Ticket notes

1. To protect your legal rights, you first choose to operate a passenger airline business travel agents or ticket agent (Note: does not have the qualification of General just released the phone, most of the mobile telephone or pager, not disclose the company's name, business address), the regular business of passenger air travel agents or ticket agents have the following conditions:

A. '' '' The international air transport Association IATA licence number.

B. Business aviation passenger agent of the civil aviation authority has issued business licenses. Right to operate only domestic ticketing agents not engaged in international ticketing business.

C. Has a fixed place of business and the airline reservation system.

D. By air and the international air transport association and training qualified ticketing professionals.

2. In order to ensure to check the correct fare, enquiry, please tell us the exact trip, return date and request written confirmation of quote.

3. Airlines will launch promotional pricing and related information from time to time, please always pay attention to the '' What's new '' section.

4. Not to avoid seats when booking a seat, the best seat booked in advance as possible. Making flight reservations are free of charge, then decided not to buy tickets may notify the reservation to cancel.
5. Cheap prices have restrictions, please pay attention.

6. Please note your date of travel documents and visas are valid.

7. Please note that you should provide passenger name and passport (identity card) is spelled the same.

8. Please note that the last ticket deadline on airline tickets, so seating was cancelled.

9. In passenger such as a child or baby please advise date of birth.

10. Other matters please refer to the rules of the airline.

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