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International flights take what should be paid attention

International flights arrive at the airport two hours before departure, report to the airline counter (Check In) procedures and customs, certificates of inspection, quarantine and immigration. At registration, your ticket, passport, Visa, Yellow Book, and other travel documents to the clerk, and fill in the Disembarkation Card. After the check, then the luggage. Counter next to scale, in addition to other than hand baggage, up to scale. Then the waiter in the baggage check counter, other luggage is returned to you, and fill weight, number of pieces on the ticket, checked luggage was put up on baggage, passenger receipt and ticket also make custody, registration is over. Registration formalities completed, the airline will put their passports, air tickets, visas, the beige book is returned to you, and give you an exit declaration form and boarding passes, ready to declare to the Customs and immigration procedures. Exit returns are declared to customs, boarding pass entering the exit room, after inspection by the customs check. Baggage checking is done, then check the Declaration form to Customs officers at the exit, to smooth out the luggage. There is a seating card, some airlines scheduled seats in advance, some guests free to choose, by virtue of this seat the card, you are ready to check out.

       for clarity, of the procedural steps:

1, by the travel agency leaders will brief exit procedures for tourists;

purchase 2, group leader or walkers themselves buying up airport taxes;

3, passports, airport tax receipts go through the red channel, checked baggage screening;

4, for aircraft clearance, remove the coupon on the day ahead, being careful not to tear, to checked luggage after check out, to keep luggage tags;

5, the health and quarantine, and produce a yellow book;

6, cross the border, a tourist line in the list order, and go through. Is the passport for a long time may pass the other channel, to fill out cards in transit;

7, leader of the two list of outbound tourists cross-border checks, border left one, after another chapter covers border, leader, and when this check;

8, through security, airport lounge, boarding.

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