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Season advance discount tickets

7 August every year is air summer season, ticket prices are often high. But today came the news from Chongqing airport, one from the summer months, take the time to book tickets in advance, most airlines are able to snap up tickets as low as 20 percent-30 percent.   Chongqing airport Blackstone 966,666-24 service hotline message, recently, Chongqing Hong Kong ticket have a low discount, people have a travel plan, you can book in advance. As Chongqing to Shanghai minimum 30 percent 450 Yuan, and Guangzhou minimum 35 percent 410 Yuan, and Shenzhen minimum 40 percent 510 Yuan, and Fuzhou minimum 35 percent 540 Yuan, Jinan minimum 40 percent 440 Yuan, Zhengzhou minimum 30 percent 240 Yuan, Shenyang minimum 30 percent 540 Yuan, Wuhan minimum 30 percent 240 Yuan, Nanjing 30 percent 380 Yuan, Kunming 54 percent 390 Yuan, Urumqi 45 percent 960 Yuan, Wenzhou 40 percent 560 Yuan, Xiamen 45 percent 650 Yuan, Ningbo 30 percent 460 Yuan. In addition, some routes are also a popular tourist destination there is still substantial concessions, such as 30 percent minimum 390 Yuan Sanya, Haikou, the lowest 20 percent of 240 Yuan, 31 percent of 220 Yuan in XI ' an, Xining 35 percent of 370 Yuan, Jiuzhaigou Valley 40 percent of 670 Yuan, 38 percent minimum 380 Yuan in Lijiang, tengchong, 30 percent of 360 Yuan, these prices do not include taxes and fees. It was also learned, Chongqing, Sichuan Airlines flights to Taipei June 1 – 25th to launch "the diminishing number of incremental increases in fares," free activities, encouraging more people to go. Specific conditions: 1 people make the trip from 2000 Yuan; 2 credits 80 yuan per person, 3 relief 120 Yuan per person, 4 more than ¥ 200 yuan per person. Taiwan free stay for 15 days, please consult the tour operators.

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