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Amoy evening ticket can get cheaper

"The recent ticket expensive! a trip out will increase transport fares well hundreds of pieces. "Mr LEE intends to travel soon to see all the major sigh after upsurge excursion fares. With the advent of summer, student passengers and increasing tourism, more and more people are choosing to fly as a way to travel, but summer is a traditional airline marketing season fare much higher than usual, how can buy tickets to the price is right? Yesterday, Eastern professionals to teach the public how to buy cheaper tickets. "Itinerary once finalized, booking in advance is the best choice. 1 month or half a month ahead concerns the best to choose air ticket prices. "Under normal circumstances, popular routes if there is about 50 percent of the price of airline tickets, you may wish to buy. In addition, at about 6 to 7 o'clock in the evening every day movement of concerned about ticket prices, ticket agent Chamber of Commerce released part of the ticket price-competitive during this period. In addition, some hot routes, night tickets are generally slightly lower than fares for flights during the day, such as Nanjing-tickets in more than 88 percent of Xiamen on July 19, night flight tickets lowest for 54 percent, passengers can choose to buy the evening ticket to save money. When purchasing tickets directly purchased a return ticket, so instead of buying tickets individually saves an average of 20%-50%. If you of travel time compared loose, joint drive tickets is a good of select, price to than direct cheap many, but joint drive flights is two a different of flights, each flights are needed paid fuel additional tax and airport construction fee. that fuel additional tax and airport construction fee to make two times, so, more out 1 time times of fuel additional tax and airport construction fee you also need consider zainei.

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