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Urumqi to Beijing air tickets

If you want to make a reservation one day in advance of Urumqi to Beijing air tickets and the price is lower than the thousands, then you should never hesitate, do it quickly! Because the few cheap ticket discounts, and entered after June will be higher than the thousands of tickets instead. On May 30, the peace tour, travel sections on international and domestic box office ticket sales outlets shows that nearly half a month since Beijing, Urumqi, Chongqing and Chengdu routes has a different degree of rise in ticket prices, which rose to Urumqi to Beijing route is most evident. China International Airlines Urumqi sales of staff introduced said, last month late, ahead of two days reservation Urumqi fly Beijing of tickets, got 40 percent votes does not difficult, a Zhang tickets of price only more than 900 more Yuan; now also is ahead of two days booking, can for select of most is 60 percent to 70 percent of tickets, price less is 1400 Yuan, more is 1700 Yuan around, than last month earlier more out 500 Yuan above. Fly in Urumqi, Chengdu, Chongqing and other flights price discount 05 percent less than last month. Aviation market is often referred to as less than 40 percent of the ticket specials ticket. Over the same period in previous years, mostly cornets, and fly from Urumqi, many cities on the Mainland, thousands can fix. After entering the middle of May this year, Special tickets are few and far between. Because of rising ticket costs, capital of some travel agencies had raised its offer. Hong Kong civic groups Center General Manager Zhao Yinglu, China Travel International Xinjiang branch, told reporters that at present, sent to Yunnan, Guangxi, Beijing, Urumqi, Qingdao, Dalian and other tours offer have begun to rise. In Yunnan, for example, the recent "flying four 9th" General quotations about 5000 Yuan per person, up by 400 Yuan per month; pure play more than 5,600 Yuan per person, up 500 Yuan over the last month. If the ticket prices continue to rise, not eliminate the possibility of once again adjust our offer. "The capital increase ticket prices are rising because business guests. "Air China Urumqi sales office staff said, a case study of Urumqi to Beijing route last month load factor of only about 80%, now 90% above. The company sent to Beijing flights have 6 classes a day, passengers overwhelmingly business travelers.

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