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Off-season travel "folded" multinationals

Recently working with a travel agency in the urban area of Tian met friends proposed to travel because of more favorable ticket prices during this period, less the price and cheaper travel is a good option. &Nbsp;  reporter learned that, in May or June is usually traveling off-season, while preferential ticket prices is also for this reason. Booking flights on the Internet people will often find that, recently, many airlines website are hanging out cheap tickets. Press browse China Southern Airlines official website found that currently China Southern Airlines have a lot of promotions, many lines are very good, such as the June 4 Beijing, Nanjing one-way ticket only 290 Yuan (not including machine building and other, similarly hereinafter). China Southern Airlines to launch 54 departure cities, 241 on domestic flights, a 25 percent discount for limited activities also attract the active participation of many members of the public. In ctrip, discount ticket event many reporters check out discovery, Hefei, Beijing June 5 7:55 a one-way ticket with a 44 percent discount, discounted price of 440 Yuan, June 10 8:00 Hefei flew to Xiamen discount of 27 percent of the one-way ticket, discounted price was only 230 yuan. &Nbsp;  Luan China Civil Aviation booking office staff told reporters that the ticket prices pretty much in the near future, such as Haikou, one-way ticket for 40 percent off June 4, 690 Yuan. "This price is very cheap, but over time have not been so cheap, because summer is coming up. "&Nbsp;  the urban areas a travel agency staff Ms Tian told reporters, after airline passengers each holiday peak travel, there will be a period of low season. During the off-season, airlines in order to attract customers, it will launch discounts, hotels, attractions combined with discount tickets and other promotions. "But the cornets not many, purchase special ticket is subject to restriction, for example, need to be booked in advance, could not enjoy the right to change, check, and refunds. "&Nbsp;  in an interview, fields said, entering after June, summer travel heats up, a very hard time finding less than 50 percent of the tickets, only a small number of discounted tickets, mostly based on the more popular time in the morning or evening flights. "There is a relatively cheap ticket prices, if you are on a summer holiday flights would heat up. Ticket prices change every day, if there is a travel plan, recommends booking as early as possible, ahead of time, the longer the lower fares. "  

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