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Five star pick cards what is the problem?

Special properties of high-star hotel service, makes the role of price wars in the hotel industry is extremely limited. Guests can't buy because of high prices for hotels in, small profits but quick turnover in high-star hotels it is difficult to apply the principle. &Nbsp;   1, "emphasis on hardware, software," World Tourism Organization expert Fred believes that most of China's tourist hotel facilities has been reached or exceeds the international level of similar high-star hotel, hotel employees, quality management and service level performance has lagged the industry to international standards.
&Nbsp;   expert interpretation: a hardware quality, one is a software service. Star rating members is certainly moving in this direction. Star of the year in some places is difficult to determine, but is reaching for the stars, all is certainly not doing enough, not up to the standard star. --(Beijing Sunworld Hotel International Management Group President Wu Xiaoyan) 2, service quality management inefficiencies in some hotels also did not establish a sense of efficiency, in most areas in need of efficiency is often expressed by means of fuzzy concepts, such as "about", "right", "soon" in uncertain times such as language to express, which leads to customer is not responsible for.
&Nbsp;   expert analysis: General hotel management decision makers create unstable service quality, homogenization of light hardware software, the root causes of the phenomenon. "Pick up" mentality does not adjust, software upgrade will be filled with obstacles. --(Hotel management consulting Shanghai Shuo Yuan Xueya, Chief Advisory Officer) 3, hotel employees behind many domestic high-star hotel facility is favourably compared with foreign high-star hotel, and some can even be comparable with international luxury hotels, but the service quality level far behind, one of the main reasons is the basic quality of employees left behind. #P# the page title #e# expert interpretation: If, say, hotel manager of international practice does not understand that services do not really understand the nature of the hotel, guests or to study, star standard principle that made it hard to carry out. So we need to train more professional managers of the hotel. --(Lacey hotel management company General Manager Zhang zhijun in Beijing) 4, low job satisfaction, high employee turnover rates most hotels have not recognized that corporate culture has a strong spirit of cohesion and incentive functions, do work in this area is very limited, as many hotel managers think is holding workers ' cultural and sports events.
&Nbsp;   expert interpretation: for China's five-star hotel development in the process of right and wrong, can be summarized as follows: (numbers) than its more its essence (formal) than its high, while suffering from the false, (quality) than the luxury, and suffering from the No. --(Lecturer, school of Hubei University of technology trade Zhuang Jun) 5, the hotel sector poor coordination high-star hotel product quality also must have a comprehensive, high-star hotel quality involves high-star hotel not only the quality of the work of various departments, and depends on close cooperation between departments, between employees and a high coordination.

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